- Class of 2019 - 

                             SCHOLARSHIPS ARE NOW OPEN                                   AND WILL CLOSE ON FEBRUARY 15th!

Finish your applications and check your dashboard to see what you have qualified for.  Answer any custom eligibility questions and be sure to click the red "Apply" button to be placed into the scholarship pool.  Check your dashboard weekly throughout January 2019 for any new scholarships.

To qualify for any of our scholarships you must have a minimum 3.00 GPA, at least 40 community service hours and complete the following requirements:

- An uploaded letter of recommendation

- An uploaded Fall 2018 transcript, requested through your Counselor or School Official

- A minimum 300 to maximum 500 word Goals & Aspirations essay; 300-500 word Unusual Circumstances Essay not required but highly recommended

- Parental consent, if under age 18

Be sure to put in requests early with your counselors and/or recommenders and follow up with them to ensure that documents are received before the deadline.  An incomplete application could result in disqualification. 

Download the Scholarship Timeline to give you a month to month guide on our scholarship application process.  

Download the Step by Step Guide for Students/Parents for detailed instructions on the application process.

Contact us at temeculadfs@gmail.com or your school's Counseling & Career Center if you have questions.





- Class of 2018 -


As your begin your first year in college, remember to follow each important step listed on your Award Envelope to claim your scholarship money which will be sent directly to your school's financial aid account:

  • Send a thank you note to your Donor(s).
  • The deadline to log into your student Dashboard to accept your scholarships was June 15.
  • Take the award letter from inside your Award Envelope to your college's Financial Aid office during the first week of school.  The letter serves as notification of forthcoming funds to your account.
  • Complete the Award Claim Form, attach all necessary documentation and email to TDFSclaims@gmail.com or mail to: Temecula Dollars for Scholars, 31350 Rancho Vista Road, Temecula, CA 92592.
  • Follow up with your school's Financial Aid office after 30 days to ensure funds have been deposited into your account.
  • Contact us at temeculadfs@gmail.com if you have any questions.



** You can still search for scholarships through the FastWeb link in your Dashboard. **



There are three reasons you'll love our new scholarship application process:


1. Online scholarship application for Temecula Dollars for Scholars.

The new online process means we can do away with paper scholarship applications for good - and you can do all of your applying online! All you need to do is create your personal Student Profile! You'll fill in all the same basic information as you would on a paper scholarship application, and you'll be able to store and update things like your GPA, extracurricular activities and letters of recommendation throughout your high school and college career-which means you'll only have to fill it out once, for potentially multiple opportunities!

2. One Student Profile -  LOTS of applications!

By filling out a Student Profile, you'll see any and all of our chapter's awards that you qualify for - and you can apply for them by answering just a few additional questions with a couple of clicks! And that's not all! Across the nation, Scholarship America, our parent organization, is working with partners to add new scholarships to the scholarship database. Any time your profile matches the criteria for a new scholarship, no matter who's giving it out or where it's from, you'll be able to apply without filling out anything else!! This means lots of opportunities for nationally offered scholarships plus all of our local scholarships!!


You will need to return and check your dashboard FREQUENTLY as new scholarships become available on an on-going basis. We do not want you to miss out on any opportunities!

3. Much more than just scholarships.

Your Student Profile and the Student Dashboard, where you fill out and update your information, provides a single source for a wide array of information you need to know. As a student, you'll have free access to a wealth of financial aid and college success tools and resources; and, you will even be able to export a resume based on your high school accomplishments!



Students and Parents: Click below to log into the ChapterNet Student Dashboard!