Your monetary contribution will directly support Northport High School students that are selected to receive a Northport Dollars for Scholars award.  Donations of any amount are accepted and are greatly appreciated and needed! 

If you would like to contribute, you can donate online directly to Northport Dollars for Scholars by clicking on the red arrow below.  Any donation sent through the Scholarship America site will go directly to our Northport Dollars for Scholars chapter.


You can also mail donations in the form of a check to the following address:

Northport Dollars for Scholars
PO Box 1021
Northport, WA  99157

Please indicate the purpose of the donation on the check (General Fund or name of Named Scholarship)


You can also create a scholarship in the name of your company, your organization, or a loved one or friend. This can be an annual scholarship or set up in the form of an endowment.  You may set the eligibility requirements and Northport Dollars for Scholars will administer all aspects of the process including promoting the scholarship in the community and selecting a recipient who meets your requirements.  Click named scholarship or endowment for more information.

Northport Dollars for Scholars is developing an Alumni Scholarship.  This scholarship will be added to the named scholarships that are given out each year and will allow all alumni and friends of Northport High School to donate money that collectively will provide yet another scholarship opportunity for Northport High School graduates. Further information on the Alumni Scholarship and methods to donate will be posted on the Northport Dollars for Scholars website, or contact Darelynn Brunette at (509) 732-4251 ext. 110.