Please read ALL the instructions carefully before starting your application:

Once you start your application you can save your work and come back later to add to it before you complete the application.  You must LOG-OUT to exit or you will receive an error message when you attempt to log-in again.

​The sections that need to be completed as you fill out your profile/application are listed in the left hand column.  Each section has some items that are double-starred (**), which are mandatory fields.  You may jump from section to section.  When a section is completed 100% it will turn from red to green.  ALL SECTIONS AND YOUR ENTIRE APPLICATION MUST BE COMPLETED 100% TO BE CONSIDERED FOR A SCHOLARSHIP!!​  The following are the sections you will complete:

NOTE:  You must complete a personal statement (maximum 250 words).  This is in lieu of a letter of recommendation.  The personal statement writing prompt is found in the questions under the "My Scholarships" section.

1.  Basic & Additional Info:  Demographic info

​2.  Schools:  List your college choices (up to 3) and majors (up to 5).

​3.  GPA & Class Rank:  You may leave Grades 9-12 blank.  For GPA info, choose "I have HS GPA info only".  Fill in the last 2 boxes, ** Cumulative Weighted HS GPA, and ** Cumulative Weighted GPA Scale (4.0).  For class rank question "Does your school rank students?", answer NO.  

4.  Test Scores:  Have the dates and test scores available for the standardized tests you wish to submit.

5Activities & Awards: Describe extracurricular activities & awards, including dates

6.  Employment: with dates and description, if any

7Documents: You may upload any supporting documents you wish the Scholarship Committee to consider.

8.  Parent/Guardian Info:  You must obtain parental permission if you are under 18 years old. 

​9.  Financial Info:  Please complete this section with the assistance of your parent if applying for consideration of a Financial Need-Based Scholarship.  If you are not applying for need based scholarships and want to be considered for merit based scholarships only, click "I do not wish to include financial information."  ADFS may ask for more information to verify that financial criteria has been met.

10. Goals & Unusual Circumstances Essay The "Goals and Aspirations" essay is required.  Please limit your essay to half a page.  The unusual or extenuating circumstances essay is optional.  Use it to describe things such as an illness in the family, loss of job, etc. If you don't have any unusual circumstances, please write "none" in the essay box.


 Reminder:  You must complete your application to 100%!  Search for and match to scholarships AND click APPLY to be considered. 

HELPFUL HINT:  The more information you provide, the better position the Scholarship Selection Committee will be in to fully evaluate your application. 

If you are notified that you have been granted a scholarship, you are required to attend Awards Night.  You must also update your profile with the name of the college you will attend and "ACCEPT" your scholarship.

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