Northport Dollars for Scholars has helped numerous organizations and individuals set up named scholarships to support local graduates.

The reasons for doing so can vary from memorializing a friend or loved one to simply letting parents, students and the community know that you or your organization have a strong commitment to the Northport community.

The one thing in common is that everyone who creates a scholarship understands the importance of education to the future of Northport.

Northport Dollars for Scholars makes creating a scholarship easy. We administer the process and select a candidate who meets the eligibility requirements you establish. Your scholarship award will be promoted on our website and to the parents and students in Northport.  You may also choose to present the award to the recipient yourself at Northport High School's graduation.

There is no better way to show your support for local students and education and set an example that others can follow.  Please contact us at for more information on how Northport  Dollars for Scholars can help you accomplish your goals by creating a named scholarship.