Where are funds obtained?

Each year, Avon Dollars for Scholars requests funds from generous citizens, businesses and organizations in the community. This effort is made possible through our annual fund raising campaign and other events and activities.


Who may apply for a scholarship?

Any Avon resident who is graduating from high school, or any student graduating from Avon High School, and enrolling in a two-year, four-year, vocational or technical college is eligible to apply.

On occasion, a student may delay entry into college for a year; these students may also return to apply. Students who wish to apply should contact Avon High School guidance office for an application.


How are scholarships awarded?

Students become eligible for the awards by completing a common application form. While financial need is the basis for the awarding of many scholarships, provisions are also made in recognition of exceptional community service, citizenship, merit or a combination of these qualities.

Applications are evaluated by a confidential Selection Committee, thus guaranteeing that the selection process is objective and nondiscriminatory. This practice ensures that scholarships are available to a wide range of deserving students.

Many times our generous donors have requested to direct their donation to an identified leadership trait, area of specific organization or activity. Every effort is made to match the desires of the donor.