For the student the process begins with the student building his or her online profile. The profile contains several criteria that make up the application. The criteria include GPA, SAT scores, employment, activities and awards, an essay on goals and aspirations, an essay dealing with any unusual circumstances that may have affected high school achievements, and perhaps a few "yes - no" questions.

A student does not need to wait until our application period opens to begin work on the profile. It can begin at any time. Scholarship America coordinates several national scholarships that are offered in the fall or early winter. Information about these might appear on the student's profile.

Our application period usually runs from the beginning of February through mid-March. During this time the student should complete his or her profile and apply for our scholarships. On the Students & Parents webpage there is a link to a Student Guide that gives an overview of the student profile and the application process.

An Awards Committee of six Dollars for Scholars volunteers from Whitman and Hanson is formed each year. One member from Dollars for Scholars acts as the Chairperson. The parent of a senior is not allowed to serve on that year's Awards Committee.

Anonymous applications, identified only by number, are reviewed by the Awards Committee and points are given in the various categories. Scholarships are then awarded based on total points. 

On Awards Night (usually held the Wednesday night before the Whitman-Hanson Regional High School's graduation) the student is presented with a certificate of award, which states the name and amount of the scholarship. Whitman & Hanson Dollars for Scholars requires a student to attend the first semester of post-secondary education before the student receives their scholarship.

Within a few days after Awards Night, the student must accept the award online in a section of the profile.

The student requests payment of the scholarship between November 1 and February 1. Checks are made payable to the post-secondary institution and forwarded to that institution once our chapter receives a copy of the student's winter term bill or the spring semester bill or the fall semester final grades.